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Life Of A Digital Entrepreneur
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Building Successful Online Businesses Since 2008
Learn how Shaun built his successful businesses using online marketing strategies. He has leveraged multiple internet marketing tactics such as SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA, EMAIL MARKETING, CONTENT MARKETING, VIDEO ADS, DISPLAY ADS & more!

Making an Impact In Life

I believe no matter what your background is, as long as you have a will, you will be able to lead the life that you want. Digital marketing is one of the most powerful skills you can learn to make money, grow your business & to help others to grow with little or not capital.

Successful Digital Entrepreneur After 10 Years

Today, Shaun has co-founded numerous multi-million businesses that leverage on Digital Marketing for Growth. His main businesses are iPRIMA MEDIA (Managing Director) & STONE AMPEROR (Marketing Director) which he actively involves in every digital growth hacking activities. 


Revenue Growth A Year

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Tools & Products That I Used

(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Tools & Courses That I Have Used That I Find Useful To Grow Your Business Online.

How To Extract More From Your List?…

I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say that you’ve heard the following said somewhere on your internet travels… “The money is in the list” I’d like to challenge that. No the money is NOT in the list. It’s in the QUALITY of the list. Anyone can build (and...

NO Website, NO List, NO Product… What Now?…

NO Website, NO List, NO Product… What Now?…

When you think about starting a business, usually, some sort of investment comes into the equation right? Maybe you think you at least need webhosting, or a domain name, or even an auto-responder right?   Whilst they will eventually form the building blocks of a...

Click Drag And Drop For Amazing Website Graphics!

Have you ever outsourced your graphics? How much money have you spent on hiring graphic designers? How long have you been waiting for your final design after sending emails back and forth for revisions? Good graphics come at a premium and revisions cost even more...