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Looks like you want to find out more about Jaz Lai from Singapore.

Yeah, many told me that JAZ LAI is a SCAMMER! BEWARE! 

Here's why…

Many attended his (Paid) seminars / workshops & things didn't work out as he promised.

(Doesn't matter whose fault it was, but it just didn't turn out they way students expected)

You can call this over promise or under deliver or whatever cool

But here's my take…

When I started internet marketing since 2007, I have bought all sorts of “Make Money Online” ebooks and videos from various internet marketing gurus.


It didn't turn out the way I expected.It wasn't as easy as promised by them.

Feeling cheated…WASTED TONS OF MONEY buying those JUNKS! (same feeling as those felt “cheated” by Jaz Lai) 

Only until when I went to Jaz Lai's Inbox Cash Explosion Workshop preview, he made me realized one thing!

Nothing New To Learn. You only needed someone to “force” you “guide” you to TAKE ACTIONS!

You can call this MENTORSHIP

He was teaching us everything we could learn online. In Jaz Lai's case….EMAIL LIST!

Yes! You need your own email list to be PROFITABLE in your internet business…

So what's the MISSING LINK? …Why is Email List so important?

” You may know everything about internet marketing and YET… you still CAN'T make money successfully on the internet!” – Jaz Lai

I started building my own list by following what Jaz taught me.

And guess WHAT?!

I made my first SALE! … Yep! It worked. Follow! and you SHALL MAKE MONEY!



I'm going to be honest here. It wasn't a huge amount of money.

… But it was a good start!

So It really depends on how you look at it, whether Jaz Lai is a scammer or not.

To me, the most important thing you need is to find ways to get a mentors or join marketing communities and force yourself to take actions & grow business together.

if the answer is …”YES, I want to take ACTION Now”, don't worry, you can join our FREE Facebook Private Digital Entrepreur Group Here.

… Or Join Singapore's Largest Internet Marketing Group by Sam Choo 

SUCCESS comes from hard work!



Shaun Ling – “Your Internet Buddy”


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