My First Intro Video Made from Window Live Movie Maker

My First Intro Video Made from Window Live Movie Maker

Window Live Movie Maker Experience

Before last night, I know nuts about making or editing video. They sound tough to me so I didn’t bother to even learn it. It was my wife, she forced me to create a simple video for my blog because she knows it will drive traffic to it and gives quality backlinks as well.

Agreeing to this, I told her I’m going to hire someone from Fiverr to do the job. Which I did. But I hired a guy there to create a video for my squeeze page at PassiveCashFlowClub instead. Well, I just wanted to give that guy a try.


Playing around with Window Live Movie Maker

So after the order, I felt like there’s a “push” in my head telling me to ahead a create a simple video for my blog here at ShaunLing.com using a free Window Live Movie Maker that’s built in in my Windows 7 Operating System.

Well, my mentor Jaz Lai told me about the free software and he showed me how to use it once during our Inbox Cash Explosion Workshop. I didn’t practice it after graduation so I couldn’t recall anything on how to use it even a bit!

Jaz’s online course can be found here – Inbox Cash Blueprint

So,I googled on “window live movie maker tutorial”  and found lots of tutorials about it. That’s where I’m starting to recall everything back. Below are the breakdown of my video creation timeline.



Refreshing on How to use Window Live Movie Maker: 1 hour

Producing my first Intro Video using Window Live Movie Maker: 1 hour

Uploading my video: 15 minutes

Socialized my video: 15 minutes


Here’s the result of my First Intro Video!



Oh by the way, I’ve bought my background video loop and music from this guy here at warrior forum. High recommended with its quality and delivery. Check it out! Platinum PLR A/V 

Also check out Jaz’s Inbox Cash Blueprint

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  1. Informative article and useful website you have here. Great stuff you have posted here.

  2. Fiverr is a great website, especially if you need a quick video. I’m not sure how people on fiverr make enough money though, its all about putting in enough effort so its good but using time responsibly.

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