Google Penguin

Google Penguin

Google has done it again!

This time to crush every webmasters out there with Google Penguin after its Google Panda attack.

According to officials at Google, this update is rolled out to target those sites that indulge in web spam or don’t abide by Google’s quality guidelines.

It’s giving headaches to many SEO experts. Many major websites got de-indexed recently.

Googlebot got smarter and smarter everday. Google is launching new attack project every now and then.

Ad-heavy websites are in Google’s radar. Link networks and blog networks are being targeted. Overly SEO’ed sites will be de-SEO’ed.

Actually, it’s all about genuine content. All Google wants is genuine content and genuine SEO which you build over time and not using any technologies, black hat or white hat to rank faster. Remember this, you will NEVER beat Google!


So to get ranked genuinely in Google and never be punished by google, you have to the following:


With the strategies above, NO matter how Google changes their search algorithm, you will always rank high on Google.


All the best!








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