High PR Backlinks How To Get It Free

High PR Backlinks How To Get It Free

Backlinks how to build? How Do I Get Backlinks?

By now we all know that getting backlinks from high PR, high authority sites can greatly improve your website SEO. Just how to get them for free? Which backlinks can give high authority backlinks and How to get our niche related backlinks?

You need backlinks from .edu and .gov for high authority backlinks. They both have much higher authority if compared to .com. Reason is they are uncommon. Rare!

So here’s the thing. Not you have to search for .edu and .gov backlinks. You also have to search for those related to your niche, with “do-follow”, comments isn’t closed, need not to be logged in to make comments and high PR sites.


High PR Backlinks FREE

Below are some of the examples you could use for your search. Just type them into your google search bar and what you need will come out.

site:edu – Means Google will only display search results from sites with a .edu extension

inurl:blog – Means your results will only show blogs that are located on those .edu domains.

“leave a comment” – Means your search results will only show blogs on.edu domains that have comment forms.

-“comments closed” – Note the “-” infront? that means your search results will NOT display blogs where commenting is closed.

-“you must be logged in to comment” – Note the “-” again. It means your search results will exclude blogs where you need to be logged in to leave comments

To expand on this a little, if you only want to find blogs on .gov domains that have open comments, just replace site:edu with site:gov in your search string.

Now you have the base string you can add or remove segments to find more niche relevant blogs on topic with your chosen keyword, try these strings too to drill down and find niche specific blogs you can add a relevant comments to get great value back links for free.

keyword phrase+inurl:blog site:.edu
keyword phrase+inurl:blog site:.gov

site:.gov+blog site:.gov+comment.php
site:.gov+submit site
site:.gov+submit your site
site:.gov+add url
site:.edu inurl:blog keyword comment
site:gov -“you must be logged in”- “comment closed”
site:edu -“you must be logged in” -“comment closed”




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